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Coastal Flood Advisory

Broadcast Time 10/03/2023 16:18 EDT

Coastal Flood Advisory
Issued By NWS Baltimore MD/Washington DC Broadcast Time 10/03/2023 16:18 EDT
Issuing Time 10/03/2023 16:18 EDT Valid Until 10/04/2023 00:00 EDT

* WHAT. Up to one half foot of inundation above ground level expected in low lying areas due to tidal flooding. * WHERE. Shoreline in Anne Arundel County. * WHEN. Until midnight EDT tonight, especially around the time of high tide. * IMPACTS. At 2.6 feet, water may begin to pond in the parking lot at Annapolis City Dock, and surround the Alex Haley Memorial. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS. Tides one to one and a half feet above normal. High tide at Annapolis U.S. Naval Academy is at 9:41 PM.

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