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Today AUGUST 25TH, 1635-"Great Colonial Hurricane" delivers a 20 ft. (6 m) storm surge to New England.
AUGUST 25TH, 1885-A severe hurricane struck South Carolina causing 1.3 million dollars damage at Charleston.
Aug 24 AUGUST 24TH, 1906-A cloudburst deluged Guinea VA with more than nine inches of rain in just forty minutes.
AUGUST 24TH, 1992-Packing 145 to 175 mph winds, Hurricane Andrew comes ashore in Miami and other areas in Dade County, demolishing entire neighborhoods and killing 15 in Florida. In Louisiana, three also perish. Losses total over $25 billion, including 25,000 homes destroyed and 100,000 others damaged, leaving a quarter of a million people temporarily homeless.
Aug 23 AUGUST 23RD, 1906-Thunderstorms deluged Kansas City MO with six inches of rain during the early morning, including nearly three inches in thirty minutes.
AUGUST 23RD, 1933-The Chesapeake-Potomac hurricane moved over Norfolk VA and Washington D.C. A tide seven feet above normal flooded businesses in Norfolk, and damage in Maryland was estimated at seventeen million dollars.
Aug 22 AUGUST 22ND, 1816-The growing season for corn was cut short as damaging frosts were reported from North Carolina to interior New England.
AUGUST 22ND, 1923-The temperature at Anchorage AK reached 82 degrees, a record for August for the location which was later tied on the 2nd in 1978.
Aug 21 AUGUST 21ST, 1883-In Minnesota, 31 die when a tornado touches down at Rochester. Thirty-five years later, in 1918, a twister kills 36 at Tyler MN.
AUGUST 21ST, 1888-A tornado swarm occurred in Maryland and Delaware. Many waterspouts were seen over Chesapeake Bay.
Aug 20 AUGUST 20TH, 1886-The town of Indianola TX was completely destroyed by a hurricane, and never rebuilt.
AUGUST 20TH, 1910-The "big blow up" of forest fires finally came to an end in Idaho. A record dry August fueled 1736 fires which burned three million acres destroying six billion board feet of timber. The fires claimed the lives of 85 persons, 78 of which were fire fighters, and consumed the entire town of Wallace. The smoke spread a third of the way around the world producing some dark days in the U.S. and Canada. The forest fires prompted federal fire protection laws.
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