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Today SEPTEMBER 5TH, 1933-A hurricane hit Brownsville TX killing forty persons and causing 12 million dollars damage.
SEPTEMBER 5TH, 1950-Hurricane Easy produced the greatest 24 hour rainfall in U.S. weather records. The hurricane deluged Yankeetown, on the upper west coast of Florida, with 38.7 inches of rain.
Sep 04 SEPTEMBER 4TH, 1939-A thunderstorm deluged Washington D.C. with 4.4 inches of rain in two hours. September of that year was very dry across much of the nation, and Washington D.C. received more rain in that two hour period than most other places in the country that entire month.
SEPTEMBER 4TH, 1970-The greatest natural disaster of record for Arizona occurred. Unprecedented rains caused rivers in central Arizona to rise five to ten feet per hour, sweeping cars and buildings as far as 30 to 40 miles downstream. Flooding claimed the lives of 23 persons, mainly campers, and caused millions of dollars damage. Water crested 36 feet above normal near Sunflower AZ. Workman's Creek was deluged with 11.40 inches of rain in 24 hours to establish a state record. Moisture from Pacific Tropical Storm Norma led to the severe flooding.
Sep 03 SEPTEMBER 3RD, 1970-During the early evening hours, in the midst of a severe hailstorm at Coffeyville KS, a stone 17.5 inches in circumference and nearly two pounds in weight was recovered. It was the largest measured hailstone in U.S. weather records. Average stone size from the storm was five inches in diameter, with another stone reportedly eight inches in diameter.
SEPTEMBER 3RD, 1821-A hurricane made landfall at Long Island, near Kennedy Airport, then moved through western Connecticut. The hurricane produced a record tide at New York City.
Sep 02 SEPTEMBER 2ND, 1935-Perhaps the most intense hurricane ever to hit the U.S. struck the Florida Keys with 200 mph winds. The hurricane produced a fifteen foot tide and waves thirty feet high. 400 persons perished in the storm on that Labor Day. The barometric pressure at Matecumbe Bay FL hits a record low for the U.S. of 26.35 inches.
SEPTEMBER 2ND, 1985-After teasing residents along the Gulf of Mexico for two days, Hurricane Elena finally came ashore at Biloxi MS. The hurricane, packing winds of 127 mph, caused more than a billion dollars damage.
Sep 01 SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1923-A magnitude 8.3 earthquake strikes Japan, destroying 575,000 homes in Tokyo and Yokohama. Two hundred thousand are reported dead or missing in the disaster and ensuing fires.
SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1894-A forest fire driven by high winds burned down the town of Hinkley MN killing 418 persons.
Aug 31 AUGUST 31ST, 1954-Hurricane Carol swept across eastern New England killing sixty persons and causing 450 million dollars damage. It was the first of three hurricanes to affect New England that year.
AUGUST 31ST, 1989-Thunderstorms in Minnesota produced baseball size hail near Saint Michael and Hutchinson, and drenched Moose Lake with nine inches of rain in six hours.
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